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Welcome to the World of Wishcraft!

Hello there! welcome to our world. Wishcraft as its named stands truly with heart to serve your wishes. At Wishcraft we make your wishes come true.

We make beautiful designer blouses and lehengas for women, just the way they like it. No questions asked, make it deep or wear it high neck, have it sleeveless or with bell sleeves. We stand for FREEDOM OF CHOICE for women. Every one of us is unique and special and have freedom to wear what we like.

I am Vishakha - together with my partner started a startup 5 years back, making it easy for women to get a perfectly fitting blouse and other garments. It emerged that we were quite good with online stitching of blouses and lehengas, so sticking to that we are completely focused on excelling in online blouses & lehengas delivery - ofcourse custom crafted for you - world wide.

Indian women no longer have to hassle finding a good fitting blouse for saree, lehenga for party wear, we are here for you. We believe best things happen when experts do the work , so we employ only the best people, be it for tailoring, hand work , packaging or delivery. So with all best things together we give you the BEST experience and nothing less.

Best things in the world are priceless. Yet we keep our prices at the minimum possible value , not compromising on quality and the experience. Yes our only focus is Quality.

You are the most important part of our team, because, without you we dont exist. Your inputs and cooperation during the product design makes us deliver.

Spreading love and smiles. Our mission is to make the world a beautiful place. Spreading smiles and happiness as we deliver world class products. Friendly interaction with you makes it possible. Happy people do change the world - the world around them.

Rated 5 stars on Etsy : we do our best to make sure your wishes are taken care of. And we are glad people like us. We have been selling on ETSY since 2018 and it feels great to know how our customers like our work. We have been rated 5 stars consistently and we try harder each time. For us each product is work of art and each customer is princess.

Thanks for your time reading thru this post. Yes I talk a lot and while blogging i just can go on and on and on. Lets catch up!



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