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Indian Blouse Measurement Template

Hello there, looking to get a saree blouse stitched online and then thinking about what to do about measurements? Its no big deal, the problem is solved, thanks to our early customer Jennifar from Los Angeles. It was in 2015 when we just began serving customers abroad, that Jennifer connected with us for custom saree blouse designing for her sisters wedding. She helped us come up with super simple template so it not only helps her but everyone else as well, and so we named it - super easy measurements form. Thank you Jennifar.

Its not rocket science. period.

Yes, it is as easy and simple as it can be. All you need is a friend/ helping hand who can hold the measuring tape for you. Just follow our step by step instructions as per pictures and enter the findings in the form.

Remember not to add or subtract from the actual readings.

Most importantly - do not hold the measuring tape too tight or too loose, just hold it right such that it does not slip over, and breathe normal, do not hold your breath. :)

Also - we need all measurements from body and not from a garment/blouse.

Leave the rest to our expert team who will take care of stitching it to perfection.

Yeah! if we have any doubts, our team will connect with you for clarifications.

Rest assured - we wont do anything out of the blue, everything is meticulously drafted and designed per requirements.

And if it helps, let me tell you, we have delivered to our customers worldwide via this form and the error ratio is less than 3 %.

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