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Fun stuff to do this Lockdown

Hi there, the lockdown doesnt seem to end anywhere soon. I am already going insane locked up. My day goes like this - wakeup, yoga, clean up, cook, eat, family talk, phone talk, news, work, tea, snacks, cook, clean, work, eat,work, and on and on.. The more i try to avoid thinking of going out the more it haunts. I try to control almost all the time but sometimes it just gets out like burst of anger.

This morning my husband found me behaving wierd and he instantly recognised what it was, so to stabilize me he said - "dear you have got so many sarees and dresses cramped up in the wardrobe, why don't you organize them, or at-least get rid of stuff you don't need anymore,.."

I said - "oh, yes, you are right, I got an idea" (Actually I was already annoyed with his idea, but you know at these corona times we cant always fight with hubby, cant even go out after a fight, so I decided to stay calm, and his idea was not that bad anyways)

My husband - "what?"

Yes, organising the wardrobe is good idea, let me divide them into

- stuff I am likely to wear : I took up all those sarees and dresses which I like to wear in coming days. I had so many of those which I always thought to wear someday but never made blouses for those. So kept those without blouses in a separate box. Then I checked the ones those had blouses. Oh! there were so many without good blouses.

I realized one thing - as such the sarees don't get boring over time, its their blouses that we either dont like to wear or just grow out of size. So I stacked those sarees which needed new blouses.

- the boring stuff - sarees and dresses which I have worn so many times that I just dont want to wear again. Among those I divided into 3 segments -

1) the sarees which I still like, which can be converted to dresses or anarkali

2) the dresses that could be restyled by making them either sleeveles or short length

3) those which I will never be wearing - stacked them up in a clean bag and kept aside to donate it to someone in need.

Post lockdown when our workshop would begin I am going to make new blouses for the new sarees, new blouses for the good old sarees and make beautiful dresses and anarkalis with those sarees which I dont want to wear anymore.

You can also try this at home today. Take the pictures of the sarees and post them to us. We will help you with blouse designs and anarkalis out of sarees. You can courier it to us and we will stitch and deliver.

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